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Wonky Pundit’s Rules of Rep from USMB (cancelled)

December 26, 2012

Now that I’m off the rep system, these rules are no longer relevant. But, if by some bizarre chance, anyone else actually cares what they WERE, I’m leaving them here for posterity.



I give rep to posts (on USMB) for being unusually insightful and/or funny.
If you give me rep, I will “try my best” to return the favor. (A promise would be against the rules.)
I rarely have time to spread rep around just for the sake of spreading it around, so it might take a while before I’m able to comply with the rules above.


I have a strict no-first-strike policy. If you do not neg me, I will never neg you.
If you think you have a justification for negging me (other than disagreement), you must explain it to my satisfaction, or I’ll neg you back. If I agree that it’s a good justification, I might even posrep you.
If you repeatedly neg me for the primary purpose of bringing down my score, I will put you on my ignore list.


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